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Where could this tranny fluid be coming from?

Color? same color in all 3 systems, or not?

A leak above the transmission could be coming from the transmission oil fill plug or the dipstick. It comes out in drips while you watch, huh? You could probably open the hood, wipe up all the oil you can see with a rag, and then start the car and watch for oil to start to collect in those same areas, and follow the drips back to where it is coming out of.

Could be coming from the transmission or the power steering or the braking system. I had that happen on a corvette once. It could be coming from the transmission output shaft seal on the transaxle.


Russian Website Streams Baby Monitors, Webcams, Security Cameras

He explained the cameras haven’t been hacked, however are already accessed by the website simply because these were left unsecured.

Sileo stated which although an organization in Russia can be using credit score – saying they may possibly be trying to alert the entire world in order to cybersecurity issues – you will find many approaches to hide at the actual rear sexy tranny cams of IP addresses as well as firewalls, so which you don’t know in which this can easily be emanating from.

To protect yourself, Sileo┬árecommended that you immediately alter the default password about Web connected devices, disable cameras’ Internet access, put devices powering any firewall, unplug devices or perhaps protect camera lenses when not really within use along with make sure to end up being able to lock down your own wireless network.

Privacy along with security expert John Sileo revealed about “Fox as well as Pals Weekend” this morning which the site isn’t only broadcasting reside feeds, additionally it is broadcasting the particular areas associated with those feeds.

Watch the clip above.

A Russian-based web site is actually streaming footage from webcams, baby monitors along with residence safety cameras through greater than one hundred countries.

The reside feeds from homes and businesses about the entire world contain more than trannycams 4,000 in the U.S., 2,000 from France and 500 from your U.K.


is it a coincedence that John Lennon looks asian?

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Keez Mc – I’m On With It

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Am I A Transsexual Or Just Deluded?

There are usually as many kinds of transsexual ladies as you will find various other women.

And because that they are transsexual folks can easily be of virtually any sexual orientation (straight, gay/lesbian, bisexual or asexual) just similar to everyone else.

Hope this helps.


Remember that will gender identity and sexual check this out orientation tend to be separate things. Approximately 30% involving transsexual women tend to be lesbian.

In inclusion it isn’t required to become hyper-feminine to a transsexual. Perform your parents recognize how awsome you feel? In case they might be supportive anyone ought to view a gender therapist for an evaluation; a list of some is found here:

If you believe oneself to be female, you the majority of likely are.

And a woman that attracted with other women is really a lesbian.

No, you’re not really deluded


UK, US spies hacked into webcam feeds of millions of Yahoo users


Your TV might be watching you

And when most different fails, users can invariably put tape more than their particular cameras.

In an announcement to end up being able to CNNMoney, Samsung said hello takes user safety very seriously. Addressing the digital camera flaw, the business spokesperson said, “The camera could be turned in in order to a bezel with the TV to ensure that the actual lens can be covered, or even disabled by pushing your camera inside the actual bezel. The Particular TV owner can additionally unplug the actual TV in the residence network once the Smart TV features aren’t within use.”

The study was conducted in different models regarding 2012 Samsung Smart TVs as well as ended up being introduced this week in the Black Hat cybersecurity conference throughout Las Vegas.

First Published: August 1, 2013: 10:30 AM ET

The flaws in Samsung Smart TVs, which usually have recently been patched, enabled hackers to remotely flip about the TVs’ built-in cameras without leaving any trace associated with it about the screen. while you’re watching TV, any hacker anywhere around the entire world could have been watching you. Hackers furthermore could get simply rerouted an unsuspecting user to some malicious how do people steal bank-account information.

Yavor as well as Grattafiori were furthermore in a position to hack the browser throughout this kind of method throughout which users would be sent to become able to any site of the hacker’s choosing. Whilst your hack would are already obvious when the website about the screen didn’t match the specified address, Yavor says there might be severe implications if your poor actor sent the user to a lookalike banking page and retrieved a new user’s credentials.

The iSEC crew mentioned they remain skeptical that the technology is actually perfectly secure, even with Samsung patched your bugs.

Yavor and also Grattafiori say customers must run standard updates through vendors like they will would pertaining to anti-virus definitions or even system updates on the smartphone.

Security cameras, lights, heating manage systems as well as door locks along with windows are actually increasingly coming using features that permit users to end up being able to control these remotely. With Out correct safety controls, there’s small to prevent hackers from invading users’ privacy, stealing personal data or even spying in people.


But your glitches make make contact with with a larger issue of gadgets which connect towards the World wide web but have virtually simply no safety to speak of.

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Samsung in addition recommends that clients use encrypted wireless access points.

“If there’s a new vulnerability in practically any application, there’s a new vulnerability inside the entire TV,” stated Aaron Grattafiori, furthermore an analyst from iSEC.

In the case of Samsung Smart TVs, iSEC researchers found that they could tap in to end up being able to the TV’s Internet browser using ease, according to iSEC security analyst Josh Yavor. that gave hackers use of every 1 regarding the capabilities controlled through the browser, such as the particular TV’s built-in camera.

Samsung quickly fixed the situation after safety researchers with iSEC Partners informed the company concerning the bugs. Samsung sent the software program update to all affected TVs.

“We understand that the strategies by which i was in a new position to complete this continues to become able to be fixed; it doesn’t mean in which there aren’t some other methods could potentially be discovered in the future, ” Yavor said.

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Companies like Samsung spend hackers once they statement security vulnerabilities just like the ones iSEC found. Your researchers are generally iSEC positive that you will find a lot more undetected flaws during these devices that they are generally managing a fund-raiser from discovering bugs within Smart TVs in technology conference Def Con later this week.


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